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The 10 Best Affordable Barefoot Shoes for Adults

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At first glance, it may seem like barefoot shoes are expensive, but there are a surprising number of good options at low prices.After trying hundreds of pairs, these are my top 10 picks for affordable barefoot shoes for adults – includes sneakers, sandals, boots, and even dress shoe options, starting at $40!


  1. Origo sneakers in cotton canvas
  2. White barefoot shoes
  3. Freestyle game
  4. Barefoot Terra Vida
  5. Anatomical slippers
  6. Xero Shoes
  7. Shamma Cruzer
  8. Everleigh Meadow Sandals
  9. FeelBarefoot & Oxford shoes
  10. freet bootee & Move
  11. PaperKrane Boots
  12. Finalists
    • Zeazoo Dingoes
    • Asgard Rain Boot
    • Earth Runners Sandals
  13. Affordable barefoot shoes in the EU
  14. Conclusion

Years ago I researched all the cheapest barefoot shoe options for adults and kids, and found that there was a LOT more to it than people thought. But when it comes to cheap shoes, there are some trade-offs: – Quality can be hit or miss and they often don’t have as natural a foot shape as more expensive (and better quality) barefoot shoe brands. It turns out that there are some good reasons whymany barefoot shoes are expensive.

So I set out to find the lowest priced options that were still really good shoes AND findmy healthy footwear requirements. This is my curated list of the 10 best affordable barefoot shoes for adults!

Want to see the full lists of cheap barefoot shoes? See below.

Full List of Affordable Barefoot Shoes (Adults)

Affordable Barefoot Shoes for Kids

And if you want to save a little money on the more expensive brands, check mySales and Discount Pagewhich is updated every few days!

While this list focuses on the cheapest barefoot shoes in North America, it also includes options from around the world. So read to the end! If you want to find more options closer to you, check thisbrands/retailers by regionlist.

Or take the quiz

And if you would like an explanation on sizing and sizing; adjust the terms used here, readthis article on foot type.

Origo sneakers in cotton canvas

$78 after coupon | vegan | Sizes US 8 Little Boys – 15 masculine | United States & amp; Canada only (for now)

Origo Shoes

Use the codeANYA10% off

Origo shoes are a newer brand, but in tune with the needs of the barefoot shoe community. Their mission is to make it easy for people to use the best for their bodies by offering affordable AND stylish options. For the price, these are, in my opinion, the best quality barefoot shoes you can get.

They don’t look dirty once worn and the sole doesn’t wear out quickly. The laces are also durable (cheap options often skimp on the laces). And I think they really look cool!The biggest drawback is that they are currently only available in the US & Canada, but they have big plans to offer affordable worldwide shipping soon, so keep them on your radar if you’re not a local.

Also note that the canvas feels a bit stiff at first. It takes a couple of uses to get in.

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size
  • Best for Medium to Wide Feet
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • Medium volume

White barefoot shoes

$40 | vegan | EU sizes 36-46 | Ships from Amazon Worldwide


Whitin makes the lowest priced barefoot shoes you’ll find, and they’re pretty solid for the cost! You can find sneakers, casual sneakers, and even a loafer style, all for between $40 and $50.

The quality is definitely lower than Origo’s (the laces on casual athletic shoes are flimsy), and it can sometimes be confusing to know what you’re ordering because product offerings change. But for people on a tight budget, these are a life saver.

A close up of the outsole of a Whitin Barefoot shoe in wide to show it's natural foot shape and wide toe box
Whitin Casual Barefoot Shoes in Wide

Currently, the most extensive options are found in the “Wide Barefoot.” But this is mainly casual shoes. If you are looking at the sneakers from the “Barefoot” so I recommend you choose the models that have the type of sole you see below:

These are theTrail Runners, and they have been the most durable of the Whitin shoes for me. The other sneaker styles in the “Barefoot” They are quite narrow and tapered, and the toe spring bothers me. But if you stick to the type of sole shown above and anything in the “Wide Barefoot” section, you should get a shoe that is ideal for wide feet with plenty of toe room.

It’s also very important to note that they come with an insole that isn’t barefoot friendly – ​​it has a heel lift and some mild arch support. Feel free to use it if you are transitioning or need a bit of support, but change it to adifferent templateif you want a true barefoot shoe experience. You can also go without the insole, but it can make the shoes too roomy on some foot types (the inside is also not as comfortable without the insole).

Size & Setting Type:

This is where things get tricky, because the product descriptions aren’t that helpful, and Whitin seems to be changing things up frequently. But after trying on about 6 different pairs over the course of a few years, this is my overall sense of the brand:

  • Run a little small, I ranked in everything
  • Fits medium to extra wide feet depending on model – Those for men are wider than those for women.
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • Athletic shoes are medium volume (will work for high tops without an insole) and casual shoes are high volume.

To see another similar shoe for the same price, check outSaguaro Barefoot Shoes.

Freestyle game

$62 after couponn | vegan | US Sizes 8 Little Boys to Men 13 | Ships from USA

Splay Shoes

Use the codeANYREVISION10% off

Splay shoes have been very popular in the barefoot community for offering stylish footwear at a good price. They are a great alternative to Keds and Vans giving you more room for your toes and a more flexible sole. And they come in the full range of sizes, so everyone in my house can use them!Read my full Splay review here.

The upper is cotton canvas and does get dirty after a while, but luckily they are machine washable. I find they don’t wear out as well as Origo and start to look a bit haggard after many uses, but for the price they are still great value.

Size & Setting Type:

  • Runs slightly small
  • Wide Fit
  • Fan-shaped
  • Volume low

Barefoot Terra Vida

a top down view of a pair of feet standing on green grass wearing Unshoes Terra Vidaa barefot slip-on shoes in natural hemp color

$74 after coupon | vegan | Sizes US Women’s 5 – Men 13 | Ships from USA

Barefoot Terra Vida

Use the codeANYA10% off

The Terra Vida Unshoes have been my favorite for a long time, they were one of my first barefoot shoes and I still wear them.You can read my review of Terra Vida here.They are neutral, light and breathable. They aren’t the most durable shoes (if you scratch the front a lot, they can break), but for walking and running errands every day they are perfect.

The soles are very thin, so if you’re new to wearing barefoot shoes, it can be a lot (I usedNorthSoleinsoles in mine for the first year or so).

I also love theWokova penslike an inexpensive barefoot sandal from Unshoes.

A pair of feet standing on grass wearing Unshoes Footwear Wokova Feather barefoot sandals in black

Size & Setting Type:

  • Terra Vida stretches a lot, so it is recommended to go down 1/2 size (sandals are true)
  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • Medium volume

If you reduce the size, they will feel short at first, but will break in later. If you don’t size down, they may end up feeling too loose once they’ve broken in.

Anatomical slippers

€30 | Cotton & Polyester (Vegan) | EU sizes 36-45 | Shipping from the EU

Anatomical does not ship worldwide, butTupsunupsu(EU) does it! If you’re in the US, check them out atEarthRequest.

Anatomic is a European brand, but even if you have to ship them abroad, they are pretty cheap. People love them because they look conventional, but are still very wide at the toe. And they have a bit more cushioning than other barefoot shoes, so they work well as a first pair for newbies. Anatomic makes slip-ons and even a waterproof model, all at this low price (and some leather shoes that are more expensive).

Size & Setting Type:

  • Runs a little small
  • Good for wide feet
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • Medium volume

Xero Shoes

$42-$75 | vegan | US Women’s 5 – Men’s 15 | Ships from the US or the EU

Xero Shoes
Xero Shoes EU

Xero shoes have many different styles, and some of them are quite affordable. My personal affordable Xero Shoes favorites are as follows:

  • The Phoenix($75) – a simple flat sneaker that comes in various colors
  • The Apts($65) – a shoe without laces.
  • The Genesis($42) – an all-purpose sandal
  • The Gracie($70) – a rubber rain boot

They also have cheapDIY Sandals.

For more information on this brand,Read all my Xero Shoes reviews here!

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size
  • Medium to wide foot width
  • Straight cut
  • High Volume

Shamma Cruzer

$54 after coupon | vegan | Unisex Sizes 4-14 | Ships from USA

Shamma Cruzers

Use the codeANYREVISIONfor 10% discount.

Shamma Sandals is my favorite all-purpose barefoot sandal brand. Most of their sandals are in the $100 price range, but the Cruzers are just $54 after my discount. They’re simple vegan sandals made from Shamma’s wide, flexible soles. They’re not as adjustable as the more expensive models, but they’re great no-frills sandals. Use them as day-to-day sandals and for hiking or running.

Read my previous reviews of Shamma Sandals here

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size
  • Good for width & extra wide feet
  • Fan-shaped, but works for straight feet
  • Good for all volumes

Everleigh Meadow Sandals

$95 | leather | US Women’s Sizes 6-11 | Ships from USA

Everleigh Meadow Sandals

Everleigh Meadows is a small shop that handcrafts shoes for children and adults. Their Explorer sandals have become very popular with women with wide feet because they are cheap and cute!

These sandals are very soft and flexible, and you can change them if the sole wears out. They are a great affordable find! The leather is a bit thin, which makes them very comfortable to wear, but I wouldn’t go walking in them.

Please note these are final sale! So definitelymeasure your feetand use the size chart.

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size (but they only come in half sizes)
  • Good for all widths (there are 3 width options with detailed sizing charts)
  • Fan-shaped
  • Good for all foot volumes (because she can customize this)

You can choose between Standard, Medium or Wide – I have a medium width and they are quite wide so I would only choose Wide if you have extra wide feet. You can also customize the front piece with your measurements if you put them in the notes at checkout (you have instructions for this in the product listing). If you do not put your measurements they are of great volume.

A close up of a hand holding a rolled up Everleigh Meadows barefoot sandal to show its flexibility

FeelBarefoot & Oxford shoes

$95 – $115 after coupon | leather | US Women’s 3.5 – Men’s 15 | Shipping from Turkey

FeelBarefoot Boots
FeelBarefoot Oxford Shoes

Use the codeANYREVISION30for 30% discount.

Prices for these leather shoes fluctuate, but if you’re looking for fancy barefoot boots or oxfords, you won’t find anything cheaper. The leather is beautiful and wears well, but I have a complaint about cheap nylon laces on the boots (apparently I have a thing with the quality of the lacing). I’m looking for some better cotton ones to replace them.

You can choose an all-leather sole for grounding, but I chose rubber soles for better grip. They feel a little tight and stiff at first, but they fit very well due to the quality of the leather. Each pair is handmade!

For more details about this brand, please refer to thisFeelBarefoot Review.

Size & Setting Type:

The men’s and women’s are THE SAME SHOES, but are labeled differently based on the size chart. Double check your measurements against the chart before ordering!

  • Runs small, I suggest measuring one if it’s in the middle
  • Medium Width to Wide
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • The boots are medium volume, oxfords & the moccasins are large volume

freet bootee & Move

$116 – $133 after coupon | vegan | EU sizes 37-48 | Ships from the UK

Freet Bootee
Freet Mudee

Use the codeANYREVISION-10for 10% discount.

Freet Barefoot makes some of the most practical and comfortable barefoot shoes for outdoor adventures. They also have many vegan options and some lower priced hiking boots. These are a bit more expensive if shipping to the US, but still a bit cheaper than comparable barefoot hiking boots. We’ve had a lot of success with the Freet in our house, and if you need a tough outdoor boot, you won’t find anything cheaper.

Read my detailed review of Freet Barefoot here.

Size & Setting Type:

  • Runs small, I suggest measuring one if it’s in the middle
  • Wide to Extra Wide
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • The boots are low to medium bulk, but if you measure them up they can work for high volume feet

PaperKrane Boots

$115 | leather | Sizes up to EU 42 | Ships from AU or US

PaperKrane (AU)
PaperKrane (USA)

If you buy from PaperKrane in Australia, use the codeANYREVISIONto get a 10% discount!

This Australian brand makes the most fun barefoot shoes around and they’ve recently expanded into boots for adults. At $115 in the US, they’re about as cheap as you’ll find for a barefoot boot. The Rainbow Skitts are fun and colorful and the Snugg boots are a basic warm boot.

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size on chelsea boots and slightly small on snugg boots due to lining
  • Ideal for narrow to medium feet
  • Straight cut
  • Medium to high volume


Zeazoo Dingoes

$135 | sheep skin | EU sizes 35-42 (+ custom sizes) | Ships from Bulgaria or USA

Zeazoo Dingo (EU)
Zeazoo Dingo (United States)

Use the codeANYREVISION5% discount directly from Zeazoo (EU).

The Dingo’s are the warmest boots you’ll find at this price. They’re simple in design, but they’re a fan favorite because of how irresistibly soft and warm they are. The Zeazoo Dingos are basically slippers, but you can wear them as boots (a more comfortable Ugg boot!). And considering that it’s hard to find something practical for cold weather under $200, the price is pretty good too.

These are my favorites all winter long for morning walks and quick errands. Dingos are not waterproof, so I recommend treating them to prevent damage to the leather in the winter. I love them so much I decided to sell them at Anya’s Shop a few years ago – They were the first model we carried! Read myZeazoo Dingo Reviewfor more information.

Size & Setting Type:

  • It works great
  • Good for wide feet
  • Straight cut
  • Medium to high volume

Asgard Rain Boot

$40 | vegan | 6.5mm sole | Sizes US Women 6-10.5

Asgard Rain Boots

The Asgard Packable Rain Boot is only $40 and has a lightweight, flexible sole. It comes in mid calf and knee length and they are really great rubber boots for the price! Some of them come with an insole that has a heel lift and some of them come with a zero drop insole (I haven’t figured out which one yet, seems to be random). Be prepared to change the template in any way.

The rubber is thin and flexible, so it can expand with your foot to a certain extent. But they do have a slightly tapered toe box, so if you have wide square feet, they’ll likely feel squishy.

Top down view of a woman with one Asgard rain boot on and one barefoot

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size
  • Half Width
  • Straight cut
  • High Volume

Because this is quite high volume, you may want to have someleg warmerson hand to fill any extra space without sacrificing toe room.

Earth Runners Sandals

$66 after coupon | vegan | Sizes US Women ’s 6 – Men 14 | Ships from USA

Elemental Earth Runners

Use the codeANYASREVIEWSER10for 10% discount.

Earth Runners is one of the most versatile barefoot sandal brands – They look stylish and can be worn with casual or even a little dressy outfits, but they also work for walking, running, and water activities.

They are a bit more expensive than the other sandals listed in this article, but since they are a unique type of sandal, I had to include them. The Elemental model has the thinnest sole and is the most economical. The straps are durable and some people complain that they are scratchy between their toes. if you’re worried about that, I’d go for Cloud, Carbon, or Canyon Clay – those colors are much softer on the skin.

Size & Setting Type:

  • True to size
  • Good for medium to wide feet
  • It’s fan-shaped, but it also works for straight feet
  • Works for all standing volumes

Affordable barefoot shoes in the EU

In the EU? While some of the shoes listed above will still n being profitable for you, here are some more options to look at.

  • Chala Sandals
  • Tarasoles
  • Ursanine
  • Anatomical
  • Cool Sandals
  • Xero EU

Wherever you are, you can use theBarefoot Shoes Finderquiz to find brands in your area, or theList of brands by region!


Even if you have a limited amount of money to spend on shoes, you can still find options that are good for your feet! This list of the best affordable barefoot shoes is your guide to getting started.

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