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Colline Review: Italy’s First Barefoot Shoe Brand

Photo Cover Collage Colline Review by Anya's Reviews featuring silver Ballerina and blue Nido minimalist shoes for little kids

Hillis an Italian brand that strives to create simple shoes for toddlers with sustainable materials. They just launched their first collection this summer with 4 styles in beautiful leather colors and have since launched a fall/winter line. Get to know this new brand here!


  1. Meet Colline
  2. Size & Setting
  3. Colline Nido Review
  4. Colline Ballerina Review
  5. Orders from Colline
  6. Conclusion

Meet Colline

The Colline brand was founded by Charles, a father transitioning to barefoot shoes who wanted his sons to start off on the right foot so they wouldn’t have to experience the adverse effects of conventional footwear. With the help of an engineer and renewable energy expert, Colline was born. Everything is handmade in Tuscany, Italy and uses leftover leather pieces from luxury Italian brands – how cool is that! Let’s delve into the details of this first Italian brand of minimalist children’s shoes, taking a closer look at 2 of their styles.

Size & Setting


Colline shoes fit average straight to wide feet that don’t taper in the middle and are offered in sizes US 18-26. The shape of the toe box isn’t too steep, so they should fit most foot shapes. My son’s feet are sloped at a perfect angle and he has quite a bit of extra room in front of his 2-5 toes. They are all high volume, except they are low above the toes due to how they are built.

When choosing a size for top-seam shoes, I prefer to leave a smaller amount of extra room on toddlers, since there’s already a bit more sole in front (so they won’t trip). TheColline’s Size Chartindicates the recommended foot length, as well as a printable option to make choosing a size easy.

Learn how to measure your child’s feet here!

Colline Nido Review

$69 | leather | EU sizes 19-26 | 6mm sole | Handmade in Italy

The Nido is a simple leather loafer with a two-tone heel design. It comes in 3 color combinations, and the leather on the front is really soft and unlined. The heal area is multi-layered, so it’s a bit tougher than the front – meaning it stands up on its own making it easy to put on. My 3 year old can even do it by himself! There’s also hidden elastic inside that keeps them on, even if they’re a little big around the ankles.

The 6mm Vibram sole is thicker than I prefer for little ones, but it flexes perfectly with my son’s foot when he walks. However, I expect the feeling from the ground to be minimal. I first manually rolled the sole in my hands to help smooth it out first and it really improved the flexibility. Overall they are a win for us because my fussy toddler will wear them AND loves being able to put them on independently.

Look how my little one can put the Nests on himself!

Colline Ballerina Review

$69 | leather | EU sizes 18-26 | 6mm sole | Handmade in Italy

These ballerinas are adorable!The silver leather makes a bold statement and the removable ribbon at the back of the heel makes them that much more precious.

This metallic leather is a bit stiffer to start with than the blue one and I recommend stretching the area over your toes before using it as there isn’t a lot of vertical space (a wooden spoon handle works well for this or even just the fingers). You can also stuff the toe box with something firm overnight. Below you can see how much vertical space I gained in the toe box with just a couple of minutes of stretching.

Toe to Toe close up of an unstretched Colline ballerina shoe toe box vs a stretched toe box to show the increase in vertical toe space

The strap has a functional buckle with hidden elastic, and while the sole is thicker than I’d normally put on a baby, they’re lightweight, quite flexible, and downright adorable. I would love to see a soft sole option from Colline in the future in the smaller sizes for non-walkers.

Orders from Colline

Colline ships to most locations around the world and unworn shoes can be returned for a full refund and for any reason within 100 days (customer responsible for return shipping).


HillIt’s taking high-end leather destined for the landfill and turning it into functional footwear for the little ones and that’s an idea I can get behind. I am looking forward to seeing this new Italian company grow and expand their product line in the future.

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