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Barebarics review: The best chunky foot-shaped sneakers

A collage of 7 different Barebarics barefoot sneaker models on different feet and from different angles

Barbarismsmakes foot-shaped shoes with a modern, chunky design and a more durable zero-drop sole than we’ve ever seen from a barefoot shoe brand. They are the perfect solution for someone who wants zero drop and a wide toe box, but doesn’t want an ultra-thin sole! Whether it’s because of your living situation or because you’re still transitioning to barefoot shoes, Barebarics is a reliable solution.


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Meet Barebarics

$159-179 | EU sizes 36-47 | 6-10mm pile height | vegan | Shipping from the EU

Buy Barebarics

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Barebarics is a new barefoot shoe brand created by Be Lenka (one of my favorite brands for a long time). All Barebarics shoes are vegan and designed with an urban environment in mind – both in its clearly urban style and in its extremely abrasion-resistant sole. Never before has a naturally shaped toe box and zero-drop sole been combined with so much durability and style, it’s an exciting step forward. Dwellers of the concrete jungle, this is the brand for you!

two people visible from the knee down standing at a table wearing Barebarics barefoot shoes - the Zoom in black and the Hifly in green

In fact, Barebarics has become a favorite of the Anya’s Reviews team. Justin, Ian and Aaron wear their Barebarics shoes in theAnya’s shopwarehouse where they spend a lot of time on concrete. For your line of work and your current comfort level in barefoot shoes, they’re perfect. They look great too.

two men working in a warehouse standing by a table and smiling at the camera wearing Barebarics barefoot sneakers - the Hifly hightop in green and the Zoom in black

Size & Setting

Barebarics shoes are:

  • True to size
  • Volume low to high
  • Extra wide toe box
  • Good for most foot shapes, even square
  • Fan-shaped

For a definition of these terms, see my article Barefoot Shoes by Foot Type.

a close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete, the left foot is bare and the other foot is wearing a Barebarics barefoot sneaker, Zing model in taupe, to show it's natural foot shape and wide toe box

The Barebarics has a fit that should work for most foot types, thanks to its wide, boxy shape and fitted (but adjustable) upper. If you have narrow feet, you’ll likely have a lot of extra room around your toes, but that might not be a problem if they fit snug anywhere else. The only other concern to consider is if you need a lot of vertical clearance in the toe box – Because they are not super soft and squishy, ​​you may feel pressure on your toes. A super easy fix for this is to remove the template.

Are they barefoot?

a close up of a hand holding a rolled up barebarics zero drop barefoot sneaker to show its flexibility

You can be sure that all Barebarics shoes are zero drop with a foot shaped sole. But while the toe box is uncompromisingly wide, I think they’re more like atransitional barefoot shoe. If you’re used to light and flexible barefoot brands like Wildling or Mukishoes, you’ll be surprised by the weight of Barebarics. But despite the added material on the sole and upper, you can still feel bumps and cracks underfoot. In comparisonn With conventional shoes, Barebarics remains minimal, with a total thickness of about 1cm including sole and insole (6mm without insole). And for certain populations, this is a great marriage of minimal features with durability.

For example, people who work in healthcare or food service and need non-slip soles will be very pleased to see an option for them (all black and white wipeable options too!). Just like barefoot beginners who aren’t quite ready for thin soles yet, or anyone uncomfortable on hard surfaces. You’ll also love Barebarics if you’re hard on your shoes and wear them out quickly.

The insole is also removable, so if you are one of those who wants a thinner sole, feel free to remove it.

Barebarics Orders

Barebarics is based in the EU and ships via DHL. For the US, a pair of shoes is $12 and arrives in about a week. Returns are accepted onEU and US purchases onlyon new shoes within 14 days. That means if you live elsewhere, your purchase is a final sale. Be sure to check theDiscount Seconds Section at Anya’s Shopfor a deal on Barebarics!

I find the checkout process a bit funny, you don’t pay until after you place the order. So don’t forget or your shoes will never ship! But those are minor things.

Alright, now let’s dive into the individual Barebarics models.

Barebarics Review

All Barebarics shoes are the same size and sole shape, so the differences between the models really come down to style and some fit differences.

These are the models we love at Anya’s Reviews team.


a side view close up of a pair of feet standing on wood chips wearing Barebarics white grey Axiom chunky dad barefoot sneakers
Buy axiom

The Axiom has a classic sneaker design and a leather look. I love the White & Gray colorway and I think they look great! My only complaint with this model is that the heel and ankle area felt very stiff and rubbed a bit at first. I’m used to adding moleskin or heel grips to my shoes, but I feel like this could be improved.


A pair of feet wear black Barebarics Zoom barefoot sneakers with black socks
Shop Zoom

Zoom is the model for dress code employees. They are washable faux leather, making them even better for healthcare and food service employees. Or you can just wear them as everyday shoes! Aaron is wearing this in the warehouse as an everyday casual and work shoe. He loves them.


a top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing maroon Pulsar Barebarics zero drop barefoot sneakers
Buy Press

The Pulsar is a simple Barebarics design and the first model I tried. They have a canvas look and I love the burgundy. This is the pair that I took with me to Europe for long days of travel, and they did not disappoint!


a close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing jeans and green Hifly Barebarics hightop barefoot sneakers
Buy Hifly

This is the only Barebarics high top currently. They are simple with a few details to make them pop. Ian tried these on for us and found the ankle area quite stiff at first, in contrast to all the space around the toes. Again, it would be nice if this was smoother at first (even if it breaks).


a side view of a pair of feet wearing white and taupe Zing Barebarics zero drop barefoot sneakers
Buy Zing

The Zing is a white sneaker with color block details. I might love the style of these more. Classic, but with enough details to stand out. You can’t go wrong!


A close up of the Rebel barefoot sneakers from barebarics in Charcoal black
Buy rebel

This model took me by surprise. I didn’t find them appealing on the website, but seeing them in person changed my mind. The details make them interesting without being loud. They have a bootie construction and can be slipped on and off which is a good thing because lace holders are very stiff and not good for pulling laces through. Justin and Ian really like them as everyday sneakers!


a close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing blue Revive Barebarics barefoot chunky sneakers
Buy Revive

The Revive has a functional socket plus a cosmetic socket, giving it a double socket look. It comes in 3 colorways, each with glittery details and a nylon upper. It has been very popular with both men and women as a stylish sneaker, there is nothing like it in other barefoot shoe brands.


The only problem that we constantly encountered in the testing process was rubbing in the heel and ankle area. As someone who could be called a barefoot purist, I’m used to shoes that are immediately soft without breaking down over time and would really prefer more flexibility in that part of the shoe. Other than that, there is nothing I would change about Barebarics! Except maybe more styling options…


BarbarismsThey are an exciting addition to the world of barefoot footwear, offering barefoot style, quality and features. I highly recommend them if you need a little more cushioning underfoot for whatever reason, or just want to get in on the current sneaker trends.

a woman standing on the edge of a cliff by the ocean wearing Barebarics zero drop sneakers in maroon

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