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Bohemian Review: It’s time to throw out your Converse and Vans!

a semicircle of bohempia barefoot sneakers in different colors and styles surrounding a pair of feet - one foot is bare and the other is wearing a Bohempia sneaker in grey to show that it has a natural foot shape. Above is the text "Bohempia Sneaker Review, Anya's Reviews"

Bohemian barefoot shoesThey are the perfect replacement for dressy but narrow sneakers. You can look just as great but without the squashed toes! In this article, I test and review all of Bohemia’s barefoot sneaker styles, so read on for the full scoop.

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  1. Knowing Bohemia
  2. Bohemia Compared to Popular Sneaker Brands
  3. Bohemia shoes order
  4. Size & Adjustment Type
    • Normal vs. Wide
    • Same shoe, different foot
  5. Bohemia Sneaker Review
    • Velik– Get
    • Herlik – Low Top
    • Orik – High Top
    • Kolda – Low Top
    • Hoska – Low Top
  6. Conclusion

Knowing Bohemia

a close up of two people's feet standing on concrete wearing Bohempia barefoot shoes - one in a large size, black Hoska sneakers, and the other person with small feet wearing grey Kolda sneakers.

$110-$140 | 100% vegan | EU sizes 36-48 | Ships from EU, AU, US or JP

Bohemia is a Czech brand that makes unisex vegan shoes and accessories from hemp. They have built their brand on sustainability – hemp is a renewable resource that is naturally strong, breathable, and antimicrobial. So the shoes are not harmful to the environment or your body!

But there is something else in Bohemia that has made them one of my favorite brands. They’re wearing some of the coolest barefoot sneakers that perfectly replace cult classics like Converse, Vans, and Keds! I have been looking for barefoot alternatives to those brands for a long time and Bohemia does it like no other. I bought my first pair of Bohemian shoes 3 1/2 years ago, and the brand has only gotten better since then.

Bohemia Compared to Popular Sneaker Brands

Toe to Toe photo collage comparing Bohempia barefoot hemp sneakers with Converse pointy toe. Arrows pointing to the converse shoe say "Bunion Shaped". The arrow pointing to the Bohempia sneakers say "Foot Shaped"

These are the main reasons why I choose Bohemia barefoot shoes over other sneaker brands.

Bohemia is:

  • Foot shaped, allowing the toes to splay naturally instead of being clenched
  • Totally flat– yes, even Vans and Converse aren’t actually zero drop. They do have some cushioning under the heel in the insole, which can be detrimental to your alignment.
  • Slim & Flexible– the thick padding of other shoes prevents the foot from feeling the ground and moving with its surroundings. While Bohemian shoes are not paper thin, the sole is much thinner than it appears and allows for a more natural walking and standing experience.

While Bohemian shoes are not paper thin, the sole is much thinner than it appears and allows for a more natural walking and standing experience.

Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of barefoot shoes.

A close up of a hand holding a rolled up Bohempia barefoot sneaker to show its flexibility

Bohemia shoes order

Bohemia.euis the main hub for all Bohemian styles that can be shipped worldwide. There you can use the codeANYREVISION10% discount at any time. Unworn shoe returns are accepted within 14 days, at buyers#8217; costs.

But there are a few other places you can order from around the world, which might be more convenient for you:

  • Anya’s shop(USA, also ships internationally)
  • Barefoot Shoes Australia
  • Bohemia Japan
A woman sitting on her front steps in a black dress and jean jacket. She has her arms on her knees and she is smiling at the camera because her feet are happy in her Bohempia Herlik 2.0 hemp barefoot converse dupe sneakers

Size & Adjustment Type

Another of the most striking things about Bohemia is that they offer two widths. That means even people with extra wide feet can have fun. Both widths are:

  • True to size for length
  • Medium to high volume (Adjusts to extra high volume if removable footbed is removed)
  • Straight/Fan Hybrid
  • Plateau toe shape

You don’t know what any of that means? Read this article aboutfoot shape, volume and how to measure your feet to choose a size.

Normal vs. Wide

a close up of the outsoles of bohempia regular versus wide width

Bohemia regular barefoot shoes fit an average to wide foot. I comfortably wear the Regular width in my usual size 37 even with my wide forefoot. Bohemian wide shoes are perfect for extra wide feet or lots of room to weartip spacers.

Same shoe, different foot

On the left you can see me wearing regular width Bohemians. I have a wide fan foot with a low arch and slim ankles. On the right is Samantha wearing Bohemian in wide width. Samantha has an extra wide, high volume foot.

Bohemia Sneaker Review

a collage of a woman with brown hair wearing 5 different outfits and 5 different styles of Bohempia barefoot sneakers

All Bohemian barefoot shoes come with a removable insole and are 3.5mm thick without it and 6mm thick with it. Despite being thin, the rubber still shows no signs of wear. I have even heard from several readers skateboarding in Bohemia with good success!

They are also all made from the same type of hemp which is tough but not super soft when new. I’ve never had a problem with it rubbing or blistering, but it’s not a plush fabric. The soles are made of natural rubber which is slip resistant and has worn well for me.

You can also find some microfiber-lined fall/winter shoes from Bohemia, but personally I’m only into sneakers. However, if you want to wear your vegan hemp barefoot shoes in the cold season, they are a good choice!

Now let’s delve into the details of each Bohemian sneaker model.

Velik– Get

My personal favorite isthe Velik– a slip-on alternative from Vans. They’re just perfect, right down to the details on the outsole and padded collar. I have a fan-shaped foot that is wide at the toes and narrow at the heels so they feel loose around my ankle, but I solved that by putting a tongue pad on top (keeps my foot down) .

Since I have small volume feet, I use mine with the insole that comes with it, but they are still comfortable without it if you need more room. Of all my Bohemia shoes, these are the ones I wear the most. They have the same style as my old Vans, but they feel a million times more comfortable. I love it.

Bohemia also sells theVikla, which is the same shoe but in different color combinations and a soft rubber outsole (no black stripe or textured toe cap)

Velik (EU)
Velik (USA)

Herlik – Low Top

The HerlikIt’s the latest Converse dupe, because Converse is so soft on the toes! After the slip-ons reviewed above, I like the Herlik better than all the other Bohemian sneakers. The textured outsole and brass eyelets add just the right amount of pizzazz, Bohempia really nailed it with the details.

The fit is similar to the Velik, but since they have laces I can adjust them to my foot and I don’t need to make any modifications. Another big difference between the two is that this model does not have padding around the ankle. I found the heel area was cutting into my skin and I needed to add aheel gripFor comfort.

Herlik (EU)
Herlik (United States)

Orik –High Top

a close up side view of a pair of feet wearing all black Bohempia Orik barefoot high top sneakers with a rubber toe cap

The Orikreminiscent of high Converse or similar. The high bulk on these is a bit more apparent than on the low-cut shoes, and they bulge a bit around my skinny ankles if I wear them without socks. I think they fit better when I wear them with socks. Otherwise they are excellent! Without interruptions in time and without discomfort when using them.

Orik (EU)
Orik (United States)

Kolda – Low Top

The KoldaIt’s the first pair of Bohemian shoes I bought over 3 years ago because I wanted an alternative to Keds. They are simple sneakers that can be combined with a dress, a skirt or a nice blouse, as well as with jeans, sweatshirts, cuts, whatever. They do exactly what I expected them to do: – Finish my outfit with a bit of a neutral flair while keeping my toes free.

Kolda (EU)
Kolda (United States)

Hoska – Low Top

a close up side view of a pair of feet wearing jeans and black Bohempia Hoska barefoot sneakers standing on concrete

The HoskaIt’s like the Kolda but has more lace eyelets for a sportier look. They’re a nice classic replacement for Vans, which my husband used to wear and bust out regularly (his toes just wanted to be free). Simple, and they do the job. 10/10 recommend if you want a better Vans alternative.

Hoska (EU)


Bohemia is the place to look if you want a barefoot shoe that looks like a classic sneaker. You can look good, feel good and have a clear conscience thanks to its sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing.

You can explore more options in my15 elegant barefoot sneakersArticle!

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